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SIAM hosts global conference on sustainability on World Biofuel Day

August 10, 2023 | 2 min read | Industry News

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) orchestrated an international conference on August 9th with the primary goal of advocating eco-friendly and sustainable mobility. Themed 'Fuelling the Future towards Sustainability: Observing World Biofuels Day 2023', this event served as a platform for industry experts and stakeholders to engage in discussions about the pivotal role of biofuels in shaping a more environmentally conscious automotive sector.

The event's chief guest, Ashwini Kumar Choubey, the Minister of State for the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, government of India, emphasized the government's commitment to preserving the environment while enabling sustainable lifestyles. He highlighted the potential of biofuels to play a significant role in India's transition to cleaner energy sources and praised the automotive industry's efforts to reduce emissions through measures such as biofuel and ethanol blending.

Joint Secretary (Refinery) of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, outlined India's extensive potential to produce biofuels, focusing on sugarcane and maize as promising sources. He underscored the automotive industry's contribution to emissions reduction, primarily through the implementation of BS-VI norms, and assured the government's support through conducive policies and programs.

President of the Indian Sugar Mills Association emphasized the urgency of greener and more sustainable solutions in combating climate change. Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, stressed the importance of cost reduction, technological advancement, and supply chain improvements to promote the use of biofuels. He applauded the transportation sector's efforts to reduce emissions and commended its transition towards biofuel promotion.

Minister Counsellor for Commercial Affairs at the US Commercial Service, US Embassy, New Delhi, expressed the India-US partnership's potential to advance India's biofuel adoption by sharing expertise and technology, ultimately reducing reliance on biofuel imports.

The conference's plenary sessions delved into various facets of biofuels, including sustainable feedstocks, policies, and global innovations. The event served as an insightful exploration of the transformative potential of biofuels in India's automotive industry, providing a robust foundation for future advancements in sustainable mobility.

The international conference hosted by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) marked a significant step towards driving eco-friendly and sustainable mobility in India. The event, cantered around 'Fuelling the Future towards Sustainability: Observing World Biofuels Day 2023', brought together industry experts, stakeholders, and government representatives to deliberate on the transformative role of biofuels in shaping a cleaner and more responsible automotive sector.

With key figures like Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey and Sunil Kumar sharing insights, it's evident that the Indian government and relevant authorities recognize the pivotal importance of biofuels in reducing emissions and fostering a greener environment. The discussions highlighted India's potential to harness diverse sources for biofuel production, propelling the nation towards energy self-reliance and sustainability.

The plenary sessions provided a comprehensive overview of biofuel prospects, policies, and innovations. The conference successfully united diverse perspectives to underscore the urgent need for a more sustainable transportation future. As the conference concluded, the stage is set for India's automotive industry to drive forward with biofuels, leading the charge towards a cleaner and greener future.