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Indian Oil Corporation and Panasonic Energy Forge Partnership to Manufacture Lithium-Ion Cells in India

April 01, 2024 | 2 min read | Industry News

Indian Oil Corporation, a leading oil marketing company, and Panasonic Energy Co., a subsidiary of the Panasonic Group, have entered into a binding term sheet agreement. This strategic move aims to establish a joint venture for the production of cylindrical lithium-ion cells within India. This initiative responds to the growing demand for batteries, particularly in the electric two- and three-wheeler segments, as well as for energy storage systems in the Indian market.

Initial Agreement and Feasibility Study

The signing of the binding term sheet follows closely on the heels of a Heads of Agreement inked on January 21, 2024, in New Delhi. Both companies are actively conducting a feasibility study to explore the application of battery technology in facilitating India's transition to clean energy. The collaborative effort is geared towards finalizing the intricacies of their partnership by the summer of this year. Indian Oil Corporation stands to benefit from Panasonic Energy's extensive experience and proficiency in battery development and manufacturing.

Domestic Manufacturing and Supply Chain Enhancement

Beyond catering to domestic demands, the investment in local manufacturing facilities will establish a robust supply chain ecosystem. This move is poised to bolster India's self-reliance and reinforce its standing within the global energy landscape. Furthermore, the endeavour will stimulate the demand for raw material procurement within the nation, fostering domestic value addition. It is anticipated to usher in the entry of new market players and propel the growth of India's battery industry through the adoption of cutting-edge cell technology.

Environmental Commitment and Sustainability Goals

Aligned with India's aspirations for carbon neutrality by 2070, Indian Oil Corporation has set an ambitious target to achieve net-zero operational emissions by 2046. The corporation has been actively involved in the exploration and implementation of clean energy solutions, encompassing solar power, biofuels, and hydrogen. Through its collaboration with Panasonic Energy, Indian Oil aims to address environmental imperatives, notably the reduction of CO2 emissions. Leveraging Panasonic Energy's prowess in battery development and manufacturing, both entities are poised to advance the lithium-ion battery industry in India. Together, they aspire to contribute significantly to the nation's energy transition while striving towards the overarching goal of building a sustainable society.

The partnership between Indian Oil Corporation and Panasonic Energy heralds a significant milestone in India's journey towards energy sustainability and self-reliance. Through concerted efforts in lithium-ion cell manufacturing, the collaboration is poised to catalyse the growth of the electric vehicle ecosystem and bolster India's position as a global leader in clean energy adoption.

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